Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fridays are MEGA Swagbucks day!!!! Sign up and start searching!

Search & Win

Everyone knows I am a big fan of Swagbucks.  I love it because it constantly has proven to benefit me as I get swagbucks just for searching on their website.  As the swagbucks add up I get to redeem them for gift cards or other things that I love.  It is like money for free! We love to buy things with our gift cards especially around the holidays when money is tight anyway.  Why not check this out today!  Click on the link, sign up, and start searching until you get some swagbucks! ! FRIDAYS ARE MEGA BUCKS DAY AND YOU CAN EARN MORE BUCKS DURING SEARCHES!!!

Sign up and go there a couple of times daily.  Make sure that you take the daily poll (worth 1 point), do the NOSO offers and keep skipping the pages until you earn (2 swagbucks), click on the surveys each day, and search.  Keep searching and putting in words or phrases to search (as if you were on a search engine like google) until you earn swagbucks.

And...get swagbucks just for signing up and to get you started!

What do you have to lose!  Sign up now!

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