Thursday, September 15, 2011

Children's Book Review

I recently had the chance to review a children's book titled Hermie A Common Caterpillar. This book was written by Max Lucado and is a book for children learning about God and faith.

I knew my daughter would enjoy this book but I didn't know that she would understand the concepts of faith that were discussed in the book as well as she did. I was thrilled to read this story to her.

In the story there is a caterpillar named Hermie. Hermie feels like he is just a common caterpillar and he has nothing to offer the world. He meets other animals and they have special qualities such as the ant who was strong, the snail that had a house in its shell, etc. Hermie was just a caterpillar and that made him sad. He talked to God though and God would always say that he was not done with him. Although it was hard for Hermie to understand he carried on until one day he became a beautiful butterfly and realized what God was telling him all along. He was special!

This is a great lesson for anyone! It is hard sometimes to remember that God made us just the way he wanted to and that he thinks we are special even if we can't see it. Everyone always wants something that another person has (i.e. want to be skinny, want straight hair)but we should be thankful for what we have and be patient because God has a plan for us!

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