Wednesday, September 21, 2011

FREE Schick Razors

Coupon For FREE Schick Razors! Get your Coupons (remember you can print two off of one computer) for $6.00/2 packs of disposable razors. You can get a package of the disposable razors for right around $2.00. When you buy the two packages for around $4 they will be free! Print Free Coupons and Save Today! Click Here

So I went to Walmart and got 2 packages of 12 razors in each package(24 total). One package of Razors cost $1.97. I got 2 packages for $3.94. I ended up getting a credit on my bill for $2.00! Crazy Deal! They paid me $2 for getting these! Awesome! I plan to use additonal coupons to get more. Do I need them? Nah, but I think I will give some packs to a local womans shelter.

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