Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Why buy things new? I love to find good thrift store finds and I go to my local thrift stores regularly. Don’t get me wrong I like new things but it gives me an instant thrill to find something cheap. For instance over the summer I went to the thrift store just to browse. I looked at the normal areas and then I caught a glimpse of a battery operated Fire Truck for $20.00. The fire truck was cute and in great condition except it did not have a battery. I quickly did my homework on this and found that this fire truck originally sells for $ and that a replacement battery would cost $65.00. Needless to say the fire truck is ours and has made my daughter very happy. We drive it all over the neighborhood (yes even the adults). I also get a lot of her clothes from the thrift store too. I find a lot of cute things that are new or like new for $1.19 for each piece. I take them home and wash them up and they are as good as new. I encourage you do save yourself some money and shop at the thrift stores when you can. Anyone, rich or poor, can shop at thrift so don’t worry that you should not go there and shop. It is not a popularity contest it is a way to save you some green so have fun with it and good luck!

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