Friday, August 19, 2011

Seriously We Have Enough Toys

I don’t know about anyone else but I get tired of cleaning up of little toys that my toddler drags out of her room from somewhere (I have no clue where). So about once every other to week I take on the challenge to go into her room and de-clutter. I take all of her toys and separate them into things for dolls, kitchen, books, and odds and ends. Each of these have a spot in her room that they go and I make sure it is put in the right spot. Also, when I do this I make a pile with things that I can part with that either I think she doesn’t really play with or that I am tired of seeing or hearing. With these I take them to a local store that allows you to get trade credit for used items. I usually get a few dollars in trade credit that I can use toward clothes or whatever she might need. I personally like to hold onto my credit until the holidays when money can get a little tight but I start wanting cute little things for my little girl. Now, the other thing is that gets people into trouble sometimes with clutter is that stores like this don’t take everything and then you end up taking it out of the store with you. That is ok-but don’t I repeat don’t take it back to your house. I suggest taking whatever is left to a thrift store. Why not? You are already taking it to get rid of so you know you can part with it and you can also get a receipt so that you can get a tax write off. Then when you get home you will have a nice clutter free area for your child.

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