Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Loose Change

We are pretty frugal about money in our house even when it comes to our child’s piggy bank. About 10 years ago I watched a show about saving money and they had a tip on it that stuck with me and we use to this day. The tip was to save any change that you get when you break a dollar bill for your savings. We used to save this change until it added up to the amount we would need to go on a trip. This was great because we didn’t miss the change at all and it quickly added up to be a great deal. Think about it: You go into a convenient store to get a drink and snack and the bill is $2.12. Guess what, you get $.88 back to put in your piggy bank! We now use this idea with our daughter’s savings and she has caught on immediately. Whenever we get change she holds out her hand to get the change and she loves putting it in her piggy bank in her room. Whenever her pig gets a little full I just empty it out into a bag and take it to our bank that has a coin sorter that I can use free as a member. I then put the money in her savings account. Because we have done this she has a nice little nest egg in her savings account.

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