Thursday, August 25, 2011

DIY Do it yourself!

You can do it! Ever see a neat item in the store and buy it knowing that you could probably figure out how it is made. Next time don't buy the item just try and do it. I love to do this and try to make my own items quite a bit. One thing that I did recently was a large cut out letter for my daughter's room. I had bought several from a lady who was selling them locally for $25. I thought about what it would cost to make it and decided I would just test it out. I knew I needed some styrofoam, paint, and a tool to cut. I bought the materials for about $10 and got busy. Not only did I make a cute "R" for her room but I had enough to do plenty of other cute decorations for our home. So save yourself some money and try those crafty things. You have nothing to lose!

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