Monday, August 15, 2011

How to get your kids ready for school for cheap!

You don't really think about it until all the school supplies are out in the stores and it is all right up front so it is a huge reminder. But it pays to think ahead because who really wants to spend a lot of money in one shot? I don't? So here's some tips on saving some green!

-Shop Ahead if you can. If you know that each year your child needs certain things go ahead and pick up some of these right after the start of school when a lot of school supplies go on clearance. I always find that our local Walmart stores have clearance school supplies a couple weeks after the start of school.

-Check the sales ads for stores around your area. Most of them are online and you can view them or print them out and take them with you to shop. Our local Staples offers many cheap items(25 cents for Sharpie pens,etc.)at the beggining of school.

-Tax Free Weekend- Most states offer a tax free weekend on school supplies which include computers, clothing, and more. So take advantage of this tax break when you can.

-Wait if you need to. I know that you want to make sure your babies have all they need but sometimes it might be best to wait until after the initial visit with the classroom teacher. Many times the teacher might have extra supplies and doesn't need you to get everything that is on the list for the whole grade level.

-Don't be afraid to ask! If you NEED something for your child and you just cannot afford it let the teacher know. The school should have a system in place so that they can get your child what is needed.

-When you have more than one child try to make things easier for yourself by doing a couple of things. First, label everything with a Sharpie. Especially for little ones make sure you put their names in coats, bookbags, lunch boxes, etc. Second, you can organize a little bit by making sure that each child has a certain color of things so things don't get mixed up. One child can have purple supplies: bookbag, notebook, lunch box, etc. Then when you are preparing for the day things are easier for you and hopefully saving you some time.

Most importantly have fun with it and don't worry! Your child will be fine and you will too.

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