Monday, December 12, 2011

Be crafty!

Some of the best gifts are those that don't cost much at all. Family and some of your friends would enjoy crafts and things that your child might make this holiday season.

This craft is made with a piece of construction paper made into a circle with a circle inside it. Then you take Elmer's glue and put it generosly onto the paper circle. Then you will add noodles of all different shapes (i.e. bowties, elbow, macaroni, etc. Then after it dries spray paint it silver, red, green, or gold. Attach a ribbon and a picture to have a great keepsake.

The next craft ornament I would like to share is another ornament. I got plain ornaments and some paint. I painted my daughter's fingers and then pressed them onto the ornament. Then after it dried I took markers to make hats, and decorations on the snowmen that were made out of each of her fingers.

Every year I try to have my daughter do a craft for her grandparents. They enjoy seeing her artwork and it is a great keepsake. I love seeing each of the items each year just to see how much she has grown since the year before.

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